Unseen Treasures of Netflix: The Finest Crime Shows to Binge-Watch


Netflix, the flagship of global online streaming platforms, is home to an assortment of spellbinding crime shows that seize viewers’ attention. Remarkable storytelling, extraordinary performances, remarkable production quality, and meticulously crafted characters — the sheer depth of these crime series make them compelling. Discover this meticulously curated list of the best crime shows on Netflix alongside the intriguing storylines, distinct character developments, and enticing plot intrigues that set them apart.

Sublime Stories Enshrined in Suspense: Breaking Down the Best Crime Shows on Netflix

  1. Dexter: Story of a ‘Righteous’ Serial-Killer

    Dexter, at first glance, seems an everyday forensic technician. As each episode unravels, we see him moonlight as a rule-driven serial killer, choosing to prey on Miami’s guilty. This unusual justice executioner premise forms a riveting narrative and makes Dexter one of the most-watched crime shows on Netflix.

  2. Breaking Bad: A High School Teacher’s Spiral into Crime

    Breaking Bad, a critically acclaimed series, is the paradoxical story of Walter White. Walter, a high school teacher turned drug lord, commences his thrilling journey into the criminal underworld, paintstakingly masked by his ordinary facade. An imminent death sentence, coupled with financial insecurities, push Walter into the methamphetamine production business, sparking a series of cataclysmic events. The series’ superb character arcs, dark humor and brilliant storytelling make it a must-watch crime drama.

  3. Narcos: A Three-Pronged Tale of the Drug Trade

    Narcos imperceptibly blends three dynamic storylines — the rise of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, the extensive efforts of DEA agents to capture him, and the relentless growth of the illicit drug trade in the backdrop. This real-life-based narrative makes it stand out from rival crime shows, earning it a prime spot in our Netflix binge-watch list.

  4. Mindhunter: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers

    Mindhunter directs a spotlight on the profiling of serial killers by the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. Based on actual events, this chilling series gives an insight into the psyche of notorious murderers. It’s an enticing mix of dark psychology and thorough detective work that keeps viewers furiously flipping to the next episode.

  5. Dark: A Tangle of Crime and Science Fiction

    Dark adds a twist to the conventional crime drama. The series integrates complex time-travel concepts with mysterious disappearances and murders, captivating the audience with its unconventional narrative.

The Unsung Thrillers on Netflix: Hidden Crime Show Gems

In addition to these renowned series, Netflix boasts under-the-radar crime shows such as Sherlock, Money Heist, Fargo, and The Sinner that merit the spotlight. Each one is a storytelling masterwork crafted with meticulous attention to detail, riveting plots, relatable characters, and intriguing narratives that uphold the tradition of the crime genre.

Conclusion: The Enduring Appeal of Netflix’s Crime Shows

These exceptional crime shows on Netflix masterfully unravel the world of action, suspense, and mystery. They exhibit the essential elements of the genre, skilfully retain their uniqueness and provide unparalleled entertainment value to viewers, thereby solidifying Netflix’s reputation as the go-to platform for top echelon crime dramas. So, grab that bowl of popcorn, dim the lights, and embark on an epic crime-show journey that Netflix has carefully curated for confessed aficionados of the genre.

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