Unraveling the Enigma: A Deep Dive into the Best Detective Shows on Amazon Prime


In the compelling realm of detective shows on Amazon Prime, there is a thrilling assortment to choose from, each carrying its unique essence of crime, mystery, and ingenious detective tales. From the charismatic yet eccentric consultants to the gritty, hard-nosed inspectors, the range of detectives exhibited can charm any mystery enthusiast.

The Stalwart Classics

The exciting journey of navigating detective shows starts off by appreciating the profound classics like "A Touch of Frost". Derived from R.D Wingfield’s novels, it is a timelessly captivating series featuring Detective Inspector William Frost, a maverick detective known for bending rules in a fictional town.

Uncharted Twists with "Bosch"

When highlighting unique and intriguing detective series, sidelining "Bosch" would do a disservice. This series, featuring the relentless Detective Harry Bosch, provides viewers an immersive narrative teeming with corruption and mystery unfolding layer by layer.

The Sherlock Phenomena

In the roster of detective series, the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes’ reinvention in "Sherlock Holmes" has no rivals. Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective saga, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, engages the audience with a modernized version of Victorian-age Holmes, maintaining the original’s brilliant eccentricity.

Gems of British Crime Drama: Broadchurch and Luther

Digging deeper, we encounter the gems of British crime drama: "Broadchurch" and "Luther". Broadchurch, set in a quaint town, documents an intricate murder case affecting everyone at each revelation. Equally engaging is "Luther," showcasing Idris Elba as a detective wrestling inner demons while solving complex gritty crimes.

The "Poirot" Enigma

Agatha Christie’s sensational character Hercule Poirot comes alive in "Poirot". The series presents the Belgian detective’s ingenious methods to unravel mysteries, making it a highlight in Amazon’s repertoire of detective stories.

Innovative Mysteries: Monk and The Mentalist

For viewers seeking detective narratives with a perceptive twist, "Monk" and "The Mentalist" are perfect choice. While "Monk" is a compelling series showcasing a detective with obsessive-compulsive disorder, "The Mentalist" offers viewers transfixing exploits of a former psychic medium turned detective.

Murder Board Mastermind: The Wire

"The Wire" transcends the conventional detective narrative with its raw depiction of the Baltimore crime scene. Over five gripping seasons, it portrays intricate connections between law enforcement, the drug trade, the seaport system, the city government and the school system.


Detective shows on Amazon Prime are a varied palette for any crime genre enthusiast. These series provide a mesmerizing blend of classic detective narratives and fresh, innovative approaches to crime-solving. Enhancing the mystery-adventure with compelling narratives and memorable characters, these shows succeed in transporting viewers into their suspenseful worlds.

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