Discover The Most Remarkable Crime Series to Indulge In: A Comprehensive Guide


In this age of multitude television options, settling down with a gripping crime show is sure to satiate the mystery aficionado. From psychologically intense narratives to intricate murder mysteries, crime series have evolved to become a celebrated genre in entertainment. This article delves into the most riveting crime series one ought not to miss, ensuring you’re taken on an exhilarating ride through the world of crimes and mysteries.

Sublime Crime Series: A Delve Into Intrigue

  1. Breaking Bad: An unforgettable saga of transformation featuring a high-school chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine manufacturing drug dealer. This series encapsulates a shocking journey of descent into the dark world of crime and delivers a superbly balanced blend of action, tragedy, and dark humor.

  2. The Wire: A haunting social commentary interwoven with Baltimore’s drug scene. Each season selects a different facet of the city to dissect, presenting a well-rounded exploration of the interplay between law and crime. Exceptionally real, intricate, and clever, The Wire continues to hold its own years after its last airing.

  3. True Detective: A masterstroke in suspense-building, this series switches between different timelines as it follows two detectives unravelling deep-seated, disturbing crimes. Bolstered by stellar performances, gripping narrative, and gorgeously grimy cinematography, True Detective takes viewers on a wild, unsettling ride.

Sweeping the Globe: Exemplary International Crime Series

  1. Narcos: A gritty narrative of drug cartels that thrived in Colombia, backed by powerful performances, and spiced with equal measures of violence and history. Narcos unfolds the grim reality of the drug trade and its far-reaching consequences.

  2. Mindhunter: Based on the true story of the FBI agents who attempted to delve into the psychology of murder and thus coined the term ‘serial killer’. With minimal action and maximum dialogue, Mindhunter’s strength lies in its character exploration, story-telling technique, and atmospheric tension.

  3. Gomorrah: A stark depiction of the Neapolitan crime syndicate, Gomorrah’ unflinchingly showcases the brutal world of organised crime. The series’ raw intensity, ruthlessly realistic portrayals, and visceral energy make it a must-watch in international crime TV series.

Unsung Gems: Underrated Crime Series Worth a Watch

  1. Money Heist: A group of robbers plan and execute thefts on the Royal Mint and Bank of Spain while using codenames based on cities and monitored by the enigmatic “Professor”. With a rich ensemble cast, heart-racing plot, and high emotional stakes, Money Heist is addictive viewing.

  2. Deadwind: A Finnish series that combines crime investigation with personal drama, an enticing narrative wound around a detective investigating a murder whilst dealing with her personal tragedy. Apart from the engrossing whodunit, Deadwind offers an incisive look into the lives of its flawed characters.

  3. The Missing: A harrowing tale of a father in search of his missing daughter, this British anthology series explores the grit, despair, and determination involved in the search. With its brilliant storytelling, impressive character arcs, and constant twists, The Missing forms an emotionally arresting viewing experience.


The world of crime series is enriched and diverse, filled with shows that break the mould and set another one. Viewers seeking a thrill, wish to unravel intricate narratives or simply appreciate incredible performances, there’s something for every mystery addict. So, grab your popcorn and let these remarkable series transport you to their fascinating, gut-wrenching worlds.

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