Health service has experienced its ‘toughest summer’ says NHS England boss

The NHS has experienced its toughest summer ever, the head of the health service in England has said as hospitals prepare for the autumn and a likely inevitable winter crisis. In a message to NHS staff on Tuesday, shared with The Independent, NHS England chief executive Amanda Pritchard told bosses the NHS was going toContinue reading “Health service has experienced its ‘toughest summer’ says NHS England boss”

CVS Providing In-Store Therapy

Finding a therapist can be tricky. And navigating your insurance to cover that therapist can be exhausting. To solve such ails, CVS Health aims to make the process easier through in-store mental health counseling. Launching in select Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas locations, this service allows patients to regularly meet with licensed therapists eitherContinue reading “CVS Providing In-Store Therapy”

Chicago to start answering some 911 calls with team of mental health professionals

Similar programmes have been attempted across the US, with mixed results Mental health professionals coupled with paramedics will start answering some 911 calls instead of police for the first time in Chicago, as the city tries to shift its emphasis to a “public health approach”. One such pilot project that will launch this autumn willContinue reading “Chicago to start answering some 911 calls with team of mental health professionals”

Real Goals of Couples Therapy

Way too many folks think couples’ counseling is an opportunity to get an individual win. If that’s your thinking, the couple loses. Couples therapy is designed to bring out the best in you and your partner, strengthening the quality of your relationship, as a point of balance, allowing you to deal with issues in waysContinue reading “Real Goals of Couples Therapy”

Alliances Are Needed Between Straight and Gay Men to Address HIV/AIDs

Forty years ago, an unnamed illness began to disproportionately impact members of the LGBTQ+ community, specifically gay and bisexual men. The disease, which later became known as AIDS, caused by a virus dubbed HIV, devastated our community, becoming the leading cause of death for men between 25 and 44 in 1992. During the 1980s andContinue reading “Alliances Are Needed Between Straight and Gay Men to Address HIV/AIDs”

The Trauma of War and Occupation

Today The Barbershop Group speaks with 3 men connected to the Gaza strip in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). As many of you know, there have been countless protests around the world in support of the Palestinian people’s right to life and to avoid further displacement as Israeli settlers expand throughout the area. Concurrently, citizensContinue reading “The Trauma of War and Occupation”