Help Her Take The Brakes Off!

Help her reduce her stress•Don’t take advantage of her•Make a sincere effort to understand her•Be honest•Be transparent•Be patient•Be consistent•Don’t play games•Don’t manipulate her•Don’t put your guard up in conversation with her•Trust her•Learn the ebb and flow of her menstrual cycle•Learn about menopause(if applicable)•Learn how her last informs her present•Support her goals to become healthier•••• WeContinue reading “Help Her Take The Brakes Off!”

Varying Feelings and Thoughts About Sex Between Men And Women

Many women find sex to be the deepest form of love and connection, and many women are very sexually oriented. Here are some of the most common ways that women may differ from men: Sex begins in the mind – For her, it’s the fantasizing, remembering, and imagining hot sex that revs her engine. So,Continue reading “Varying Feelings and Thoughts About Sex Between Men And Women”

Tired of initiating sex? Many men are!

Always asking for sex, while never being asked, leads to a feeling of being unloved. Men in a heterosexual relationships often initiate sex more, but not always. Approaches toward sex can also vary within all types of couples. Those who typically initiate sex can benefit from raising the issue to their partner without complaining. ThoseContinue reading “Tired of initiating sex? Many men are!”

What Men Want: Tackling Sexual Perceptions

Let’s be honest, women don’t know everything about men and men have tried like hell to get women to listen without making assumptions or lumping them altogether. Many women want to know why older men seem less interested in relationships and less motivated to make sexual advances. Men are now speaking out about their realContinue reading “What Men Want: Tackling Sexual Perceptions”