Cops May Yield to Mental Health Pros in Spokane

Police and behavioral health experts are working through the logistics of having clinicians answer emergency calls for people in crisis without the accompaniment of an armed police officer. (TNS) – Mental health professionals in Spokane could soon respond to certain 911 calls without a police officer at their side. Police and behavioral health experts areContinue reading “Cops May Yield to Mental Health Pros in Spokane”

How Fishing Can Improve Your Mental Health And Your Dating Life

Fishing has an unexpected connection to happiness and wellbeing. Scientific research has shown that just being in nature can improve your mood, memory, and self-esteem. There’s also evidence it can reduce blood pressure and decrease the risk of certain cancers. In an article for The Metro, psychologists Mark Wheeler and Nick Cooper promoted angling as an effective way of reducing symptomsContinue reading “How Fishing Can Improve Your Mental Health And Your Dating Life”

CVS Providing In-Store Therapy

Finding a therapist can be tricky. And navigating your insurance to cover that therapist can be exhausting. To solve such ails, CVS Health aims to make the process easier through in-store mental health counseling. Launching in select Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas locations, this service allows patients to regularly meet with licensed therapists eitherContinue reading “CVS Providing In-Store Therapy”

Chicago to start answering some 911 calls with team of mental health professionals

Similar programmes have been attempted across the US, with mixed results Mental health professionals coupled with paramedics will start answering some 911 calls instead of police for the first time in Chicago, as the city tries to shift its emphasis to a “public health approach”. One such pilot project that will launch this autumn willContinue reading “Chicago to start answering some 911 calls with team of mental health professionals”

Racial Reckoning Highlights Mental Health Crisis

‘We All Need To Get Help’: How Racial Trauma Is Impacting Black Americans Evidence of a national racial reckoning abounds –– protests, remembrance ceremonies for victims of police violence, public discourse on the atrocities of slavery, policy proposals for reparations –– yet the weight of racial trauma on Black communities is hard to calculate. “We’veContinue reading “Racial Reckoning Highlights Mental Health Crisis”

Get Off Your Screen Man!

A new study from scientists at Arizona State University shows the longer someone stares at a TV, phone, or computer screen during the day, the worse their health habits are. Interestingly, when researchers broke down the screen use and health behaviors of the roughly 1,000 study participants, they found watching TV was linked to theContinue reading “Get Off Your Screen Man!”

How To Show Love To Our Kids

There are a few core things fathers can do to show their children that they love them. When done regularly and sincerely, these actions also show children how to exhibit loving traits in their own relationships with family members, friends and future spouses. See if you recognize any of these practices in your own lives.Continue reading “How To Show Love To Our Kids”

Practicing Radical Acceptance With Simplicity

We sometimes wish we could protect friends or loved ones from the consequences of their actions. We’d like to pick up the pieces after they’ve made a mess of their lives. Or we fail to look at the dark side of someone’s motives because we want only the best. Perhaps it is our controlling willfulnessContinue reading “Practicing Radical Acceptance With Simplicity”

Real Goals of Couples Therapy

Way too many folks think couples’ counseling is an opportunity to get an individual win. If that’s your thinking, the couple loses. Couples therapy is designed to bring out the best in you and your partner, strengthening the quality of your relationship, as a point of balance, allowing you to deal with issues in waysContinue reading “Real Goals of Couples Therapy”

Why Aren’t You Seeing Your Doctor Man??

Republished from WEBMD HEALTH NEWS Why Are Men Less Likely to See a Doctor? By Batya Swift Yasgur, MA July 6, 2021 — When Armin Brott began having tingling and tremors in his hands, he wasn’t very concerned. After decades of practicing full-contact martial arts, he knew how to live with discomfort. It was nothingContinue reading “Why Aren’t You Seeing Your Doctor Man??”