Kenyan Man Comes To Terms With Mental Health And Manhood

For 12 years, Edwin Mburu battled with alcohol addiction. His first sip was in 2003 soon after finishing his Form Four from Murang’a High School – just for fun. For a dozen years later, the alcohol became the regimen he could not do without. Without it, he felt hopeless and empty. Relatives and friends couldContinue reading “Kenyan Man Comes To Terms With Mental Health And Manhood”

Get Your Free Copy Today!

Hello everyone! If you’ve heard our podcast episodes and love to read, we’ve got a deal for you! Just follow the steps in our photo below! For a limited time you can enter to win a free copy of “The Shame Factor: Heal Your Deepest Fears and Set Yourself Free” by Stephan Poulter, Ph.D. StephanContinue reading “Get Your Free Copy Today!”

Your Weed Isn’t Your Father’s or Grandfather’s Weed

Nowadays, weed is more than 300 percent stronger than the stuff from the mid-1990s. “THC content has gone through the roof while the amounts of CBD and other constituents that might mitigate the negative effects of THC have gone down,” says Staci Gruber, Ph.D., associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and director of theContinue reading “Your Weed Isn’t Your Father’s or Grandfather’s Weed”

Practicing Radical Acceptance With Simplicity

We sometimes wish we could protect friends or loved ones from the consequences of their actions. We’d like to pick up the pieces after they’ve made a mess of their lives. Or we fail to look at the dark side of someone’s motives because we want only the best. Perhaps it is our controlling willfulnessContinue reading “Practicing Radical Acceptance With Simplicity”

One Rabbi’s Courage Is Removing Religious Pretentiousness About Addiction

It isn’t everyday that religious leaders choose to open their lives fully to those who look up to them as spiritual guides. Doing so might mean a loss of trust or even a loss of command over their congregation with adherents organizing to lobby for the removal of a person they feel has fallen fromContinue reading “One Rabbi’s Courage Is Removing Religious Pretentiousness About Addiction”