6 Strategies to Help Boys Balance Video Games and Life

Author: Mike Landry for Allprodad.com As I counted up every last dollar and piece of loose change, I realized I finally had enough money. Clutching my wallet tightly, I ran into the kitchen to ask my parents to take me to the store. It was time to buy my very own Nintendo Gameboy. This wasContinue reading “6 Strategies to Help Boys Balance Video Games and Life”

Health service has experienced its ‘toughest summer’ says NHS England boss

The NHS has experienced its toughest summer ever, the head of the health service in England has said as hospitals prepare for the autumn and a likely inevitable winter crisis. In a message to NHS staff on Tuesday, shared with The Independent, NHS England chief executive Amanda Pritchard told bosses the NHS was going toContinue reading “Health service has experienced its ‘toughest summer’ says NHS England boss”

Humility, Habits and Rituals

If you want to be the best at what you do, if you want to succeed at virtually anything in life, you need to be able to execute using habits and rituals. Why did former NBA point guard John Stockton visit a chiropractor four times a day? Karl Malone believed in habits and rituals, evenContinue reading “Humility, Habits and Rituals”

Get Friends Who Motivate You

“MAKE A CONSCIOUS EFFORT TO SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE, NOURISHING, AND UPLIFTING PEOPLE – PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN YOU, ENCOURAGE YOU TO GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS, AND APPLAUD YOUR VICTORIES.” – JACK CANFIELD What’s better than your own personal cheerleading squad? Surrounding yourself with positive people throughout your life will provide you exactly that. TheyContinue reading “Get Friends Who Motivate You”

Romance For The Common Man

After a long period of time, the passion in a marriage or a long term relationship can begin to fade. Keep the flame alive with these ten ways to romance your wife. Read The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman You can find out more about your own Love Language byContinue reading “Romance For The Common Man”

Budgeting Made Easy

If you want to control your spending and work toward your financial goals, you need a budget. In many households across America, men may be the primary wage-earners but stats suggest their spouses and partners do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to financial planning, budgeting and personal finance management. We get it.Continue reading “Budgeting Made Easy”

Stop Raping Us Too

•“We can’t solve the problem of violence against girls and women without also addressing violence against men and boys… •”If we want to raise boys differently, we must start believing that they are equally capable of feeling pain and doing violence.” •”When we convey to boys that unwanted touch is a serious issue of sexualContinue reading “Stop Raping Us Too”

Finding Masculine Spirituality

We hear a lot these days about wild women, female spiritual ascension, and the awakening of the sacred feminine. Go on any form of social media and you’re bound to find discussion surrounding sisterhood, female mysticism, womb magic, and contacting/worshiping the goddess within. How often have you seen the divine masculine discussed or revered (asContinue reading “Finding Masculine Spirituality”

What About Your Friends?

Good friendships are hard to find. They’re even harder to maintain, especially when life ramps up, and marriage and fatherhood start to narrow your focus. But it’s even more important to make time for them when you become a dad.  While we know guys have a hard time making friends, that isn’t a reason toContinue reading “What About Your Friends?”

Get Her Honest Opinion

Curiosity is crucial in marriage and relationships. It’s great to ask questions that prompt you to learn more about your partner. Those questions help create tighter bonds and deeper intimacy. It’s also crucial for each man to be curious about how his partner views him and his actions. All too often, we tend to fallContinue reading “Get Her Honest Opinion”