The Art of Apologizing

The perfect apology consists of six steps. Master them and learn how to repair mistakes before they turn into constant conflicts and cause irreparable damage. Understanding these six steps will allow you craft an apology that really, truly means something. *Support The Barbershop Group podcast by going to Select $4.99 or $9.99 for yourContinue reading “The Art of Apologizing”

The Trauma of War and Occupation

Today The Barbershop Group speaks with 3 men connected to the Gaza strip in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). As many of you know, there have been countless protests around the world in support of the Palestinian people’s right to life and to avoid further displacement as Israeli settlers expand throughout the area. Concurrently, citizensContinue reading “The Trauma of War and Occupation”

Fixing My Self-Esteem

*Support The Barbershop Group podcast by going to Select $4.99 or $9.99 for your monthly contribution*  You can also follow The Barbershop Group on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for informative news, research and daily inspiration for men and those who love them.  Today Charles and Dr. Poulter discuss several aspects of poor and healthyContinue reading “Fixing My Self-Esteem”

It’s Raging Men

Today Charles and Dr. Steve talk about the grim reality of men, anger, acting out and violence. In the wake of the recent Colorado and Indiana mass shootings and increased road rage incidents around the country, its becoming apparent that men may need to pressingly consider how anger and rage impact the lives of countlessContinue reading “It’s Raging Men”

Aging and Healthy Sexuality For Men

Today we’re talking with Miami, Florida-based Sex Therapist Paola Rodriguez and Stephan B. Poulter, the author of “The Shame Factor: Heal Your Deepest Fears and Set Yourself Free” about aging and healthy sexuality. We know women talk about the ways their bodies change as they age and how those changes impact areas of their sexContinue reading “Aging and Healthy Sexuality For Men”

Dad’s Way Or The Highway

Today Charles asks Dr. Steve a very personal question directed at him and all of our viewers and listeners. It’s not very often that professional men speak openly about the battles they’ve faced. While some do, it requires the right space and high degrees of comfort for men to open up to strangers. Therapists, life-coaches,Continue reading “Dad’s Way Or The Highway”

Radically Authentic Fatherhood

In this episode Charles delivers a list of things sons need to hear their fathers say or do. Some of these actions and words need to be executed in the context of an intimate relationship while others require sons see men beyond intimate partnerships. These tips will undoubtedly help boys boost their emotional intelligence, emotionalContinue reading “Radically Authentic Fatherhood”

Race, Mental Health and My Inner Self

Today cohost Jamiere Abney, Associate Dean of Admissions at Colgate University and Coordinator of Outreach for Opportunity & Inclusion speaks with Ben Schneider, University of Milwaukee grad, sales professional, and an avid follower of The Barbershop Group about his professional efforts to change how corporate America engages people of color and about his own desireContinue reading “Race, Mental Health and My Inner Self”