6 Strategies to Help Boys Balance Video Games and Life

Author: Mike Landry for Allprodad.com As I counted up every last dollar and piece of loose change, I realized I finally had enough money. Clutching my wallet tightly, I ran into the kitchen to ask my parents to take me to the store. It was time to buy my very own Nintendo Gameboy. This wasContinue reading “6 Strategies to Help Boys Balance Video Games and Life”

Handling Things When Your Kids Get In Trouble

Parents, are you equipped to deal with your kids getting in trouble? All kids get into trouble at some point, so it’s a good idea to prepare for it. Here are 7 ways kids can get into trouble (and how to handle it when it happens). Be sure to watch 10 Ways to Discipline Your Children by Dr.Continue reading “Handling Things When Your Kids Get In Trouble”

4 Ways To Maximize Gym Time

Balancing our time is definitely a challenge, but the misconception that a gym visit must be lengthy and exhausting contributes to that excuse “I don’t have enough time to spend at the gym to see results.” But you can spend as little as 30 minutes working out in the fitness club and stay healthy! SpendingContinue reading “4 Ways To Maximize Gym Time”

Ways To Stop Drinking So Much

Ways To Stop Drinking So Much If you’re a regular drinker, it’s never a bad idea to take stock of your relationship with alcohol and make sure it’s working for you. If you’re not sure where to start, ask yourself two important questions.  First, how does drinking make you feel? Alcohol consumption can have aContinue reading “Ways To Stop Drinking So Much”

Statistics On Fatherlessness Are Hard To Swallow

Here is a quick summary of why it so important to foster good relations between fathers and sons. 1. INVOLVED DADS HAVE A DIRECT IMPACT ON THEIR CHILDREN’S FUTURE. Involved fatherhood is linked to better outcomes on nearly every measure of child wellbeing, from cognitive development and educational achievement to self-esteem and pro-social behavior.1 ChildrenContinue reading “Statistics On Fatherlessness Are Hard To Swallow”

Happy Marriages Contain These Traits

From Psychology Today Trust, which can be cultivated. Respect—remember why you love and admire your spouse. Love, expressed verbally, physically, or in your favorite “love language”: Express appreciation, look for ways to notice and compliment the positives that your spouse brings to the relationship. Willingness to listen, an essential skill you can practice. Willingness toContinue reading “Happy Marriages Contain These Traits”

Why married men don’t date their wives:

Money-Don’t focus on it. Google can provide countless free and low-cost date ideas for married people. No time-If you took an inventory on all the time you waste on your devices or on other non-productive things, would it show that you actually have more time to spend with your wife than you think? Parenting-Love yourContinue reading “Why married men don’t date their wives:”

It’s Ok To Seek Help

16 WAPT News Jackson The suicide completion rate is higher in men than women, according to Danny Burgess, a psychiatry and behavior professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Burgess hopes that raising awareness about men’s mental health will change the stigma of seeking help. “If we get that out, where men can say,Continue reading “It’s Ok To Seek Help”