Making Father’s Day A Priority

All too often men throughout America make the oft-repeated mistake of waiting for someone other than them to make a big deal about fatherhood and their status. Men sometimes look to their wives or mothers of their children to celebrate them as fathers, and it leaves them feeling deflated and a bit like they were an after-thought in comparison to the way mothers are treated for Mother’s Day.   We like to remind fathers that it’s up to themselves and their children (if they have a decent relationship with them) to make Father’s Day a big deal. There isn’t any use in hoping scorned women will come around to sit the man on the throne of fatherhood. Don’t get us wrong. It’s great and highly appreciated if they do, but let’s face it. If a man has been bickering with his child’s mother, has broken her heart, or has an open child-support order which he may or may not be in arrears for, it’ll be damn-near impossible to hear your praises sang.   It’s important for fathers to take ownership of Father’s Day, whether they’re great fathers or struggling to improve their relationship with their kids. ===================================================================

We will also discuss ways to talk to your daughters about self-pleasure IF they ask you. Sometimes children feel more comfortable talking to one or the other parent about sensitive topics. Fathers need to be prepared to have sensitive talks without deflecting.  






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