Help Her Take The Brakes Off!

Help her reduce her stress•Don’t take advantage of her•Make a sincere effort to understand her•Be honest•Be transparent•Be patient•Be consistent•Don’t play games•Don’t manipulate her•Don’t put your guard up in conversation with her•Trust her•Learn the ebb and flow of her menstrual cycle•Learn about menopause(if applicable)•Learn how her last informs her present•Support her goals to become healthier••••

We know you guys want more sex and better sex. Many women do too. They’re just not able or willing to engage in sex at the expense of all the things that tend to get in the way of it.

Many of them are trying to tell us guys what they need to get there and all too often we guys really don’t care all that much.

If we’re disinterested in helping her remove the brakes to pleasurable sex, we needn’t be surprised when she reveals that sex isn’t all that great.

Save this and go talk to your woman about it. Trust us. We’re not wrong on this one.

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