FA Cup: Nathan Cartman contemplating taking his own life after saving others

*The following story may be triggering for some readers.*

“I spent five minutes begging him not to do it,” he recalls of the second incident. “I was panicking inside in case he took his own life. Thankfully the police arrived and took him away for the help and support he needed.”

After spending most of Christmas Day alone and in a distressed state, Cartman found himself back at the same spot. This time he was thinking about taking his own life.

“I went round to the family home on Christmas Day and ended up having a row. Things got said and I left early,” he adds. “I ended up drinking the rest of the day.”

Full of alcohol and emotion, he texted his wife in the early hours of 27 December to say “sorry for everything – but that’s it” before perching on the flyover.

“I sat there for five or 10 minutes. It felt like a lifetime,” adds Cartman. “The longer you sit there the more you start thinking ‘maybe I can turn things around’.

“I was thinking about my children. It was Millie’s birthday two days later so I had that in my head. I got back in my car and carried on driving.”

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