A Dental Date with Dr. Jay Grossman

Today we’ll talk to Jay Grossman, DDS, US Navy veteran and founder of Homeless Not Toothless, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit program, opened to provide free dental care to the homeless and underserved in 1992. Presently, hundreds of local dentists participate in the greater Los Angeles area. Most of the patients are referred by the Venice Family Clinic and local shelters, where their dental needs and the necessity for treatment are assessed. While we know many guys out there don’t visit their primary physicians or mental health professionals regularly, we don’t get to hear much about men’s relationships with their dentists. And this leads us to the question: “What is the state of men’s oral hygiene?” Dr. Grossman will answer this question and many others and will share some experiences that have shaped his view of wellbeing along the way. You’ll definitely want to go brush and floss after this.

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