Join the RealBodyRevolution

Male body diversity is tackled in a new campaign called #RealBodyRevolution by Bridge models and Cavalier underwear. And they want new models with real, everyday bodies…at last!

The male body ideal has been extremely narrow in our era, all about six packs, shredded upper bodies and even leg day is a point of anxiety now. We have long called for a change in this, for male body representation to make the strides female body representation has; for us to get real. Which is why we were delighted to see the launch of a new campaign called #RealBodyRevolution in which model agency Bridge and underwear brand Cavalier are challenging fashion industry standards by promoting men of all shapes and sizes.

For it, they’re running a competition where normal men with normal bodies can win a year’s modelling contract with Bridge, which includes a campaign shoot for Cavalier. Pretty good, eh? You can apply here, but first read our interview with Charlotte Griffiths, managing director of Bridge Models:

Read more here:

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