How Fishing Can Improve Your Mental Health And Your Dating Life

Fishing has an unexpected connection to happiness and wellbeing. Scientific research has shown that just being in nature can improve your mood, memory, and self-esteem. There’s also evidence it can reduce blood pressure and decrease the risk of certain cancers.

In an article for The Metro, psychologists Mark Wheeler and Nick Cooper promoted angling as an effective way of reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They found that one fishing trip reduced the symptoms of PTSD among war veterans by 30%.

“Fishing is so helpful because it is a break to completely turn your brain off,” one veteran Stewart Bayford told The Metro. “It is the quietness of it with no distractions. When I came back for the first week, I slept properly every night and I struggle to do that.”

Benefits of Fishing:

  • Physical health benefits

You may not realize, but fishing, in its own way, is a kind of bigger workout than one might assume. It takes quite a cardiovascular exercise walking to your favorite fishing spot, casting the line, and finally reeling in once you’ve caught a fish. These necessary steps you take during fishing stretches a range of muscles, resulting in strengthening of those muscles as well as improving your balance. These exercises mostly engage your legs, arms, shoulders, and back, as well as your core body.

Also, almost everyone likes to fish on a sunny day. Therefore, it helps your body by soaking up the required Vitamin D from the sun, making your immune system stronger. It also accelerates cell growth and strengthens your body in fighting flu or diseases. If you count mood booster in, that’s a bonus.

  • Mental health benefits

Besides physical health benefits, fishing can also help you take your mind off trivial things and accumulated stress. It’s a well-established fact that fishing requires great patience and a focused mind, which is a lot like meditation. Therefore, it helps a great deal by improving our state of mind and even fighting anxiety and depression.

A study published has found that fishing helps lower the release of stress hormones and can have positive effects lasting up to three weeks. Another study, which was published on Research Gate, has shown that fishing can be used as a therapy to fight PTSD among war veterans. Furthermore, fishing aids in analytical and problem-solving skills as it requires constant trouble-shooting, such as finding a good spot, changing the bait, or getting the right tools. Overcoming these challenges forces your mind to think creatively and, thereby, improving your cognitive fitness and longevity.

  • Digital detox
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Talking about digital detox reminds me of a song that goes like, “you should look at the stars, not just screens.” Well, considering how much we spend in front of screens, it’s true that fishing gives us well-needed time off from being digital all the time. We all are victims of being constantly exposed to the world of social media and never-stopping notification buzz.

Therefore, it’s necessary to detox ourselves from digital life. And nothing promotes putting away our screens better than fishing. When we’re fishing, we tend to delve into nature surrounding us and begin to appreciate it. Also, being close to a body of water has been proven to make ourselves feel more relaxed .

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Fishing is a Good Date Option: 

  • Fishing Is An Experience – In today’s world, experiences and activities are preferred over dinner and a movie. People are looking for something to DO; something to participate or be active in with their loved ones (or potential loved ones). A fishing trip checks all those boxes.
  • No Special Skills Required – A fishing trip could be new to both of you, or you’re sharing this hobby with your date. Either way, there are no special skills required for your fishing date. You don’t need to know anything about fishing, or even have any fishing gear. If you’re both new to the sport of fishing, hire a local guide or fishing charter to take care of everything you need. Then all you need to worry about is showing up for a day on the water.
  • You Catch It, You Eat It – There are certain fishing trips that will have you bringing home your catch. This isn’t true for every fishing trip, as some species are catch-and-release only. But for those trips that you are harvesting your catch, there is a great opportunity to show off your culinary skills. Or your date’s skills. Or both! Fresh fish make for a very tasty meal. And you can extend your date to the best lunch or dinner you’ve ever had.
  • The Beauty of Nature – It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: The great outdoors is incredible to experience. It’s pretty fantastic when it’s just you and your date breathing in the fresh air and enjoying wide open spaces. Any date spent in the wild can possibly be your best date ever. The boat ride to the fishing grounds is a great opportunity to appreciate your surroundings and view the local wildlife. 
  •  No Distractions – On a fishing trip it’s just the two of you in a boat or on the shore with lines in the water. It’s not a crowded restaurant or noisy bar. You can put your phones away and enjoy the conversation that flows between the two of you. Talk about your best childhood adventures, or plans for the future. The only interruptions are the fish tugging on your line, and that’s always a good thing. 

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