Facebook Engineers Stalked Love Interests

Almost everyone who isn’t constricted by their governments or by poverty can access Facebook. They may not be able to see everything, as in the case of Australia (hopefully that’s been resolved) but they can use the social media site to make contact with people around the world and get and share news with lightning speed. They can even see where there friends and family are, provided the latter does a quick “check-in” though we’re not sure many people still use that function. It seems to have gone away like other humdrum status updates. Few people care what we’re watching, reading or eating in a status update. They prefer photos. Thank you Instagram. And of course that also means thanking Facebook.

While regular folks utilize Facebook within it’s intended boundaries, Facebook’s own employees were out employing Facebook technology and their penchant for stalking love interests to follow them around the world and even monitor women’s accounts from the inside, going as for as to peruse old photos they’d deleted!

Something tells us a lot of men may, at one time or another, lurk on someone’s profile after being rejected. It can be difficult to come to terms with the emotional pain of rejection. However, we need to take the necessary steps to avoid trampling someone’s boundaries when they decide they don’t want to be with us.

Read more here to see just got scary it was for these victims.

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