Death in Paradise’s Ben Miller details struggle with OCD

Ben Miller is well known for his roles in shows like Death in Paradise and Bridgerton. Although, the star has recently opened up about his life outside of the small screen, detailing his health battle with OCD.

Ben is the star of ITV crime drama Professor T, where he plays a sleuth with the disorder.

The Death in Paradise star has now opened up about his own battle with OCD.

He revealed to the Radio Times how he suffered badly with it when he was in his 20s. I’m very lucky in that it’s all very manageable now.

But there were times where it was unmanageable, as it is for Professor T, so I know how that feels and I know how I dealt with it.”

For the actor, it impacted him by being obsessed with numbers and touching things.

He opened up about how he would struggle with doorways and doors.

Ben continued: “For me, it was a way of mitigating and controlling my anxieties.

“I thought if I touched an object a certain number of times, then bad things won’t happen.

“Of course it doesn’t work – I constantly had to amplify my behaviours to try and reduce my anxiety.

“There comes a point where the OCD behaviours themselves make the anxiety worse and you enter into a positive feedback loop; it gets out of control.

There were crisis points when I decided to seek professional help.”

Luckily, the television detective has said he can deal with the disorder much better now.

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