Get Off Your Screen Man!

A new study from scientists at Arizona State University shows the longer someone stares at a TV, phone, or computer screen during the day, the worse their health habits are.

Interestingly, when researchers broke down the screen use and health behaviors of the roughly 1,000 study participants, they found watching TV was linked to the worst eating habits, while smartphone use was most directly correlated to poor sleep. All screen use has some negative health consequences.

Getting away from your devices definitely takes a lot of discipline. Now that many states and countries around the world are attempting to return to normal, we’re all really indulging in being outside and “free.” Maybe we’ll also recognize the many health benefits of being beyond four walls.

But if you have to continue to be a screen zombie for a while, try keeping a bowl of fruit at your desk and some fresh veggies like carrots on hand. Though you may not be thinking about your caloric intake, healthier snacks will definitely impact your brain power and propensity for less mental fatigue over the course of grueling day.

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