What Men Want: Tackling Sexual Perceptions

Let’s be honest, women don’t know everything about men and men have tried like hell to get women to listen without making assumptions or lumping them altogether. Many women want to know why older men seem less interested in relationships and less motivated to make sexual advances. Men are now speaking out about their real thoughts. They might surprise you.

Popular maxims attest to the pervasive belief that men are always ready and eager to bed almost any woman: * Men have only one thing on their minds. * Men lust; women want to feel desired. * What single word can women say to sexually arouse men? Hello. Chances are you’ve heard one or more of these, which attests to the prevalence of assumptions about rampant male lust. But sexual urgency, the feeling that I need sex now, is age-related. A recent study shows that after age 30, men’s desire for sex becomes more nuanced, more complex—and in contrast to the stereotype, more like women’s.


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