Paola Rodriguez-Valentine’s Day Resolutions

Today Charles speaks with a good colleague, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale-based couples and sex therapist Paola Rodriguez. Paola is the owner/operator of Life Discovery Psych services. Paola focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy, couples counseling, group therapy and handles countless requests for workshops focusing on sex, intimacy and reigniting passion in relationships battered by today’s expectations. 

A fan and avid Valentine’s Day reveler, Paola believes many people and couples either become Valentine’s Day scrooges due to stress, anxiety and the demands of life or have had negative experiences that create barriers to appreciating the special day of love. But that isn’t her only focus. Though many people make New Year’s resolutions (some good, some bad) we don’t really consider making Valentine’s Day resolutions for ourselves and our partners. Paola gives us a bit of insight into getting started. 

If you’ve been in a longer-term relationship but never heard of “the secret garden” this is definitely a show you don’t want to miss!

You can follow Paola Rodriguez on Instagram and Facebook or visit her website.

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