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This show is dedicated to Devon. (1/6/1995-11/28/2017)

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Today Charles talks with former Spokane NAACP vice-president and president Phillip Tyler about cultural competency at universities across America and in the field of criminal justice. Phil made the difficult decision to move on from his post in corrections at a time when Black America was reeling over the Trayvon Martin tragedy. He was compelled to get involved with the NAACP and other groups to highlight and address racial disparities and traumas. As the father of two sons, he was dedicated to preserving the lives of his progeny as well as other men of color in the area and around the country. He continues to do so today. Unfortunately, though Phil was pressed to protect his young sons from America’s historic sin, he faced one of the biggest tests of his life in 2017. 

You can follow Phillip Tyler on Instagram or Twitter. And be sure to check out Phil’s vlog, COLORful Conversations with his wife Meg.

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