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Today Charles sits down to speak with photographer, Dj, producer, mental health worker, and queer activist Jamon Kimbrough about subtle forms of racism directed at queer men of color (even how men of color perpetuate continued racism among themselves) in fashion, design and media fields. We first came across Jamon after receiving this article. Hailing from Minnesota, Jamon recently launched a website that solely features the stories of black gay men and other gay/queer people of color. The goal is to feature voices rarely heard with such openness and vulnerability. Jamon uses his platform to showcase photography, music, podcasts, fiction, and nonfiction stories as well as short films. The content is robust, uncensored, and unflinchingly tells hard truths about what it means to be black and gay, or trans, or nonbinary, or a straight man who loves trans women, which can be confusing for those who aren’t up on current gender norms. He says mainstream media is still wary of showcasing Gay Black men and men of color, arguing that there is a social chain of hierarchy even among gay men, with Black men sitting at the bottom. 

Jamon also retells the story of coming out to his father and discusses the current state of his relationship with his dad. He is an avid and vocal supporter of queer people and works with disenfranchised young men in need of mental healthcare. He sets the record straight on the fears of straight guys and adds to our discussion of men and mental health as a queer person seeking out a therapist for himself.

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