Including Voices On Race and Masculinity-Mark Greene

The Barbershop Group founder Charles Catchings sits down to have an honest heart-to-heart with “The Little #MeToo Book For Men” author Mark Greene. Mark is also a contributor on Medium, The Good Men Project and works with corporations to develop competencies for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond. You can also watch this interview on Youtube.

Some key takeaways: Men who mistreat women and men are at war with men who want to change. Men have been in denial about the harm they’ve caused women and children. Men have expressed a great deal of ambivalence towards women in the wake of the #metoo movement. Though the discussion of masculinity is center-stage, it is primarily White men and women talking to White men and women about White men. Other ethnic groups and voices must be heard, invited and pondered in order to avoid another authoritarian definition of masculinity.

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