Mindfulness For Men In Relationships


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Today Charles speaks with Ontario-based counselor Melanie Tsesler; a speaker, mindfulness meditation teacher, individual and couples counselor and the founder of Mindful Beginnings. Known for her down-to-earth, engaging and kind-hearted demeanor, Melanie specializes in relationships of all kinds. 

What is mindfulness? We’re hearing the word a lot these days. Through practicing mindfulness — or being able to stay in the moment  without judgment — the mind develops strength of attention and the power of focus. By loosening one’s mental hold on a constructed ideal  and becoming curious rather than controlling, a person actually has the  chance to “wake up,” or become enlightened. Simply put, mindfulness is to be aware. It’s the reminder we need to come back into this present moment.

Melanie says its “natural that our minds wander to either a moment that has already passed, or we focus on something yet to happen in the future. Mindfulness and relationships go hand in hand. Developing the awareness of where our relationships are, and where we would like them to be gives us the ability to move to the next step-and to heal.

You can learn more about Melanie by visiting her website or by following her Instagram and Youtube channel. 

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