The Fragility of Straight Black Male Identity & Forgiveness


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Today I talk to board member and licensed psychotherapist Dr. Reginald Cunningham about R&B music crooner Tank’s recent statement about a guy not being gay because he had oral sex “twice” with a man. Here are some points to mention:  Tank did not say he was speaking of himself though many people began to speculate. Tank was responding to a question the host asked wherein she tried to pigeonhole him by using an example of giving oral sex. Tank was asked how often a person could lie before being known as a liar. At that point, the host made an attempt to press Tank using the topic of male oral sex.   Unfortunately, very few people weighed in about the primary topic of dishonesty and chose instead to focus on Tank. This unleashed a barrage of anti-gay and accusatory comments by a host of Black men. Well, Dr. Cunningham and I are here to tell you guys to get over your fragile ego. If you’re straight, cool. If you’re gay, cool. If you don’t want to label yourself, cool. We’re here to challenge you all to learn to move beyond both “traditional” and non-traditional views that hinder healthy support of your fellow men.  We also touch on the Amber Guygar conviction and the backlash given to the Botham Jean family and the presiding judge. It seems we’ve got a lot to learn about individuality and forgiveness.

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