Real Talk Therapy for Emerging Men-Veronica Clanton-Higgins


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We typically talk about issues adult men face on our shows. Today our host spends some time with Veronica Clanton- Higgins, MSW,  to talk about her raising teen boys during what undoubtedly seems like tumultuous times for young men. Are parents really having conversations with their sons about intimate relationships or are we imposing rules and expectations that are based on our own childhood while ignoring our child’s development? Are we feigning silence, treating sex as a taboo subject? 

Most of us desire our children to have a religious or spiritual grounding, but are we listening to our children as they break away from being closely attached to us and our perspectives about a higher calling? How do we help them navigate through the exploration of the universe and their experiences?

Lastly, Veronica and Charles discuss balancing their own parental expectations against the reality of their children’s lives. It isn’t easy to accept that children won’t always live according to our parental precepts. But, if we think back on our own childhoods, we definitely diverged from the ideas of our families of origin at times too. Veronica shares how she deals with these real-life conundrums as a therapist, wife, and mother. 

Veronica Clanton-Higgins, MSW, is an author, educator, transformative emotional healer, motivational speaker, and Founder of VCH Prosperity Consulting. A native of Compton, CA, Veronica is known for her support & emotional healing within her community. Her unique style of Life Coaching is a combination of empowerment, emotional transformation, manifesting intentions, and affirming self. She has made it her life’s purpose to improve the lives of others by helping them transform their hurt to healing through the use of mindfulness and self-affirming techniques. Veronica is also the primary licensee for TedXCompton events. You can connect to her by visiting her website, or by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

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