Fatherhood: This Is Us


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With Father’s Day behind us, Charles takes a minute to discuss a bit of controversy in some circles regarding the reverence or lack of reverence for the holiday and who the holiday is intended to celebrate. Though it started off as an innocent celebration most Americans appreciated and respected, even with a bit of humor, it has lent itself to social commentaries that appear to be enlightening and righteous, but are hiding both aggression and malfeasance by people in society. How did we get here? What is it doing to fathers? Why has an attempt to pay homage to fathers been met with a type energy lacking from Mother’s Day?  Charles talks a bit about his own experience and others and how perception and mental models haven’t helped fathers. He also encourages men to get beyond needing validation from people outside themselves. Fatherhood is about relationships between fathers and children, not others.  We hope this will provide a pause and an opportunity to revisit how we treat a holiday or two(including Mother’s Day), getting beyond gender politics and blame. We are all responsible for Father’s Day is and for what it may become. Be sure to hit the “support this podcast” button to contribute. For as little as $5 a month, you can help us create more content, attract more guests and reach more diverse men with messages of mental health and overall wellness. We appreciate your support!

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