10 Common Men’s Health Issues


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It’s June, men’s health month and we’re focusing in on several health issues impacting men around the country. Most guys aren’t great at acknowledging mental health issues but we also avoid addressing physical health concerns to the detriment of ourselves and our loved ones.  Men are often at risk for a variety of different illnesses and health problems throughout our lives, depending on family history and lifestyle. But regular wellness exams with a doctor can help prevent and manage common men’s health issues. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle early on can help prevent conditions like diabetes, for example, while getting early cholesterol screenings can help lower your risk of heart disease — the leading cause of death for men. Make a list of your health questions and make a commitment to see your healthcare provider in the near future. Be sure to sign up for our alerts and our newsletter https://paper.li/e-1559836737#/.  Like our content? You can also donate to The Barbershop Group right in the app!

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