Michelle Steeg – Accepting The Whole Man


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Join The Barbershop Group Founder Charles Catchings as he sits down with fellow St. Louis, MO native Michelle Steeg, a licensed professional counselor working with young men and women to chat about manhood, shame, anger, fear and so much more! Are men and women perpetually angry with each other? Do women care how men feel? Are men listening to women at all? Do men and women really want the same things? You’ll get to hear her take!

Michelle’s journey started with echoing the same sentiments she heard her clients expressing. “What is this aching desire for more I can’t shake? Is this it? This can’t be it … I want more!” These questions and feelings haunted her in her early 20s as she sought to understand her own deep yearning for something bigger—something she couldn’t define. For her, the answer came when she began working as a therapist. Michelle feels becoming a therapist was her calling. It’s what she is on this earth to do. For years she observed a disconnect and a void between what people were seeking and the therapeutic options available to them. She even felt a disconnect between what she was taught to do in school and what her instincts were telling her to do as she worked with clients.

To learn more about Michelle and her practice, you can follow her on Instagram, LinkedIn, visit her website or if you’re in the St. Louis, MO area, you can call 314.309.2499 or email michellesteeg@gmail.com with questions.

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