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Gary “Trey” Taylor received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. He then received his Master’s Degree from George Mason University in Social Work with a concentration in Policy and Advocacy in 2015.  Trey is the owner of Uphold 31:8, a consulting business dedicated towards providing education, awareness, and resources to the world about Mental Health, with a specialty in the African-American community. Through his business, he is also passionate about community initiatives and created an event called Stop The Violence Movement now named U.I.E. (Unify, Illuminate, Empower), aimed at unifying the community via the school system, community leaders and elected officials through dialogue, workshops and solution focused goals to ensure a safer community. He is also the author of “You Good Fam? An Analysis of Mental Health in the Black Community” and “Mental Health Keys”, a manual for managing your Mental Health. You can also purchase his book here. In his spare time, he enjoys collecting sneakers, customizing his car, writing and playing/watching/coaching basketball. He is also the creator of The Backwoodz Podcast, in which he, his wife and two family members speak about black millennial content, social issues and sports. Follow Trey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Want to help us reach more men? Donate today!

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